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The 21st Century is a fast paced consumer driven landscape and people are more in touch now than ever before. Research, choice and peer review is a mere fingertip away and the age old mediums of print and word of mouth are no longer able to stand alone as a means to promote your business existence.

At Haze Media IT we are dedicated to providing large and small clients alike with the digital solution to their unique communication requirements.

$495 AUD Website Starter Package

Every Business needs a website. No matter how big or small you are or what you do, your business needs clients to survive. The internet is where people look for the answer to their product and supplier needs so to make sure your company doesn’t miss out, ask us today about our $495 Website starter package.

Haze Media IT Expert In

Mobile Application Development

It is more import now than ever that your business exists and functions in a digital space. Mobile apps have become a key component of modern day business success and we can create the right mix of graphics, content, features, performance and security for your Mobile Application.

Software Development Services

Our value driven and focused team can design and develop bespoke software applications for all manner of business. Whether you are a startup company or large corporation we will take time to understand your business and its software requirements.

Web Design & Development

Your company needs to stand out and creative web design has become a key requirement for the success of the modern day business. No matter how small or large your business is we can create an effective, responsive and easy to navigate web design to suit your needs.

Saas Product Development

Saas can be the perfect solution for a modern business with a need to service multiple users in a fast, efficient and secure environment. Saas apps require a higher understanding of latency, security and software architecture than their traditional software alternatives


Project Development Methodology

Our Moto is to continually evaluate, review and respond to exceed industry best practice and bring success to our clients and our team.

Agile Way

We practice the agile development process, we constantly create, evaluate and respond in order to succeed on your development

Continuous Testing

We belive in automating tests as part of the software delivery to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with it.

Continuous Integration

We integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early.

Continuous Deployment

Our aim is to build ,test and release software faster and more frequently, approach is to reduce cost,time and risk of delivering changes.

Test Driven Development

The best TDD can do, is ensure that the code does what the programmer thinks it should do.

Performance Check

We do real time performance testing based upon typical business scenarios and user behaviour.


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